xTreamer Prodigy and SW3 firmware 4.1

xTreamer Prodigy and SW3 firmware 4.1

Postby FarVoice » 04 Jun 2013, 00:14

forum.xtreamer.com wrote:Dear Friends and community members,

While we continue to expand the range of Xtreamer products, we have not forgotten about our Realtek media players.
Here's a new update with some nice fixes and improvements.

Please note: all the changes in this firmware have been recorded in the release notes. However, we have a list of all the outstanding issues and our R&D is working to fix them.


New Features

* Support for subtitles on network shares
* BDMV files navigation support added


* New player for background music on image slideshows
* DVD, BluRay, BDMV - new popup on entering the folder (play or browse)
* Remote control enhancements:

1. Number keypad now can be used to enter numbers in virtual keyboard

2. On the main screen:
F1 - list all movie files
F2 - list all music files
F3 - list all image files

3. Movie files with multiple subtitles - F4 select subtitle language

4. Sycn Sub button now used to adjust the subtitle position

Bug Fixes

* 2.0Ch AAC/MKA/M4A audio files when the Prodigy/SideWinder3 is set to 5.1Ch SPDIF issue - fixed
* Several issues that were causing reboots - fixed
* Number of minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

How to Upgrade

Do not upgrade from SETTINGS - you need to run the emergency firmware procedure as specified below!!!

To install just download and unzip the file. Find install.img file and copy it to the root of a USB stick (FAT32 formatted).

* Go to your Prodigy or SW3, turn it off by unplugging the power cord for several sec.

* Put the power cord back but do not power the machine on.

* Plug the USB stick to a USB port at the back panel.

* When the machine is OFF press the power button for about 10-12 sec (you will see that the blue LED light is turning on but still keep your finger pressed on the power button until the power LED is turned off).

* When the LED is off you can release your finger and let it start flash the firmware.

Do not power off the machine while the update process is taking place.


Please remove the USB stick after the procedure is finished and before the player reboots.



Xtreamer Prodigy Vesion
Xtreamer SideWinder 3 Version

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Re: xTreamer Prodigy and SW3 firmware 4.1

Postby caligula73 » 11 Jun 2013, 17:45

в очередной раз не исправили баг с чтением тяжолых файлов по сети(lan)
на прошивках iNeXT и Iconbit всё это нормально тянет
не могу зайти на их форум http://forum.xtreamer.net/ (видимо беларусь вообще заблокировали- - регистрация не помогает) интересно почитать что они пишут про этот существенный глюк.

или это старый баг 23.976 fps который уже решили на iNeXT и Iconbit ?
iconbit xds73d-firmware разное.
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