HowTo: Speedtest for TV Streams

HowTo: Speedtest for TV Streams

Postby pyro1000 » 06 Jun 2012, 10:54

I found a very good tool from Futubox, to test the download speed for Streams
for Info: Futubox has only HD Streams and very fast servers
now you thought about your problems can evaluate, with the HD streams

for Stream Speed ...

for Internet Connection ...

from FAQ Futubox:
Question: I can not watch it without stutter and freezing Futubox.
You need to have more than 5 Mbps download speed to our servers.
Actual, your speed can be checked here:

my speedtest results: -> DL 12500 kB -> UL 2100kB :D ...... -> DL 500 kB :(

my assessment:
but I think 2 MB is enough, for HD Streams
and 200 kB for SD Streams

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Re: HowTo: Speedtest for TV Streams

Postby john3voltas » 07 Jun 2012, 15:09

My link.
Real download speed=28Mbit/s (http/ftp/etc)
Fubox speed test=20Mbit/s
Still, most RTMP hd streams stutter on my player and work fine on my PC. :(
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