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Forum Rules (English)

Postby moServices » 05 Sep 2013, 15:40

The original article in Russian language is located here

Welcome to our forum!

1. General provisions and recommendations
1.1. is a private resource. While you're here, you agree to comply to the Forum Rules below.
1.2. moServices Forum is dedicated to media players based on Realtek chips and their programming.
1.3. Any message in the Forum could be moderated after it is posted based on present Rules, the Moderator's vision and common sense.
1.3.1 The first post of any new user is always verified and moderated if necessary. Only after the approval of the first message, the user can post without delay.
All posts that are subject to already answered questions in FAQ or other main sections will be removed.
1.4. Forums are monitored by Moderators, Super Moderators, and Administrators. Moderators oversee the Forums assigned to them; they may edit, delete posts and topics, close, move threads and apply different penalties to the participants like warning or ban/blocking of account. Supper Moderators have the same rights but on all Forums
Administrators have all rights of Super Moderators and Moderators for the forums and can make any changes.
1.5. All messages express the opinion of their authors. The opinion of Administration may differ. If you feel that any message is against the legislation of the Russian Federation or other countries, contains trade secrets or are may cause any legal problems to persons or companies, you can report it to the moderators or administration of the Forum by clicking the «Жалоба» (Complaint).
1.6. Please follow the Forum communication culture. We create our own environment. We will be courteous and friendly to each other! If you see a violation of the rules or you are provoked by other participants in the Forum, do not go to the violators. Write a letter to the Moderator the with description of the violation, or use the «Report» buton. Further, the case will be reviewed by the Administration.
1.7. If you made a mistake, for example duplicate a message by accident or post an empty message, be sure to report it to the moderators by clicking the «Report». Specify the problem and moderator will help. Do not write new posts and comment on your own mistakes or apologize.
1.8. In case of an accidental post repeat caused by certain browsers please remove the duplicates.

2. Username ("username", "nickname", "login", "account") and profile.
2.1. Nickname
2.1.1. Your nickname shows your individual. Perhaps, if you become a regular visitor in the forums, it will be your business card, talking about you and your level. If you do not want to fight later because of your nickname and not be one of many, choose the original one (within the rules and common sense). Of course, you can use your actual name this is your personal choice. Changing of the nickname is impossible.
2.1.2. Registration of unpronounceable nicknames prohibited (such as Klmn454824IOIoo).
2.1.3. Double registration is prohibited, i.e. the registration of two or more nicknames for same user for any reason, especially in the case of "Read Only" block (ban) on your nick. In the case of identifying such users they will be blocked without warning.
2.1.4. It is prohibited to register a double of an existing nickname that is a full or partial visual clone of an existing one (including those obtained by replacing the Russian letters in Latin with similar spelling, and vice versa). These can be blocked at the request of the owner of the original name. Same applies for admin nicknames and reserved words like "admin" , "moder", "moServices" etc.
2.1.5. It is prohibited to register nicknames containing:
-rude, offensive and obscene expressions and graphics, as well as incitement to violence and violation of the law (in any language and in any form);
-any contact data: phone numbers, website addresses, e-mail, ICQ and so on, as well as combinations of characters that can be interpreted as such data;
-explicit or implicit advertising.
2.2. Avatar.
2.2.1. If you put the same avatar as the other user, upon request, your avatar can be removed from your profile. So try to use an original image.
2.2.2. It is forbidden to use an avatar, containing:
-rude, offensive and obscene expressions and images, as well as incitement to violence and violation of the law (in any language and in any form);
-any contact data: phone numbers, website addresses, e-mail, ICQ and so on-as well as combinations of characters that can be interpreted as such data;
-explicit or implicit advertising;
-any QR codes.
2.3. Signature. <link>
2.3.1. Before you ask a question on the Forum go to your Profile-> Signature and write the model number of your player, current firmware, if it is connected to the network cable or Wi-Fi, and if it is a network question, also the model of your router
2.3.2. The signature will NOT be accepted if contains:
-more than 3 lines;
-explicit or implicit advertising;
-the font is larger than the standard (you can use different colored fonts and font tags);
-any contact data: phone numbers, addresses, Web sites (including shorten links), e-mail, ICQ and so on-as well as combinations of characters that can be interpreted as such. References to moServices projects are permitted;
-"spec tags" (tags that are not in "quick reply"), "spoilers", code-tags, quotes, lists, hidden text or changing of the font size.
2.4. Profile.
2.4.1. If possible, fill in the maximum number of fields in your profile. This will help in future to contact you and get you additional information that might be useful in solving your problems.
2.4.2. Make your signature, in accordance with paragraph 2.3.1.
2.4.3. It is prohibited to post profile information contains rude, offensive and obscene expressions and images, as well as incitement to violence and violation of the law (in any language and in any form).

3. Forum language
3.1. The official language is Russian (in English forum threads, respectively English).
3.2. All communications in the Russian part of the Forum must be written Russian language and Cyrillic. Transliteration is allowed only in exceptional cases. To translate text in normal type is highly recommended to use or similar.
3.3. Use of other languages in the signature is allowed.
3.4. Any intentional "errors" or non-compliance with the rules of the Russian / English language including abuse of excessive usage improper jargon language is prohibited. You can be banned.

4. General rules for topics and posts.
4.1. Before creating a new topic or post, you should carefully review the rules of the Forum and FAQ section.
4.2. The title of the topic should be as descriptive as possible, so other users can understand your problem. In the message body put more detailed description.
4.3.1. Do not create a topic or ask a question immediately. It is very likely that your question was discussed previously, there was a discussion topic of your question. Use search. Consistently do a search on more suitable keywords.
4.3.2. Do not write to first theme where you like the name/you made it/you on another device installed given firmware, etc. Make sure that there is no other topic closer to your subject.
4.4. If you found a theme that matches your issue, then you should not immediately post. It is very likely that your problem has already been discussed and a solution is found. You can search for a keyword in it. Read the header of the theme there is useful information. Be sure to read the last few posts topics (one to two pages).
4.5. Duplicate messages are forbidden. If you mistakenly created the theme or message in the wrong section, not the one you where planned (or realized the error of choice), do not create similar topics or posts in another topic. Contact the moderators so they will move your theme or message in the correct section.
4.6. If you saw someone is not following Forum rules (a duplicate of an existing theme, aggression or flooding in the wrong location theme, etc.), it is not necessary to create new messages about this finding. Just click "Complaint", and the moderators will take measures.
4.7. When creating message/giving the answer you should take into account:
4.7.1. Flood and overposting is prohibited. Avoid philosopher thoughts or lyrical ones. Write short and to the point. The clearer and more concise your question is, more likely it is that other users will be able to give an answer. Do not create multiple messages in a row. Collect your thoughts together and put in a single post. If you want to add to your question, it is not necessary to create a new message. Just click the "edit message" (Edit).
4.7.2. Messages that have grammatical and/or syntactic errors, can cause negative reaction of the participants of the Forum. Try to write correctly.
4.7.3. When replying to an existing topic try to formulate your question or answer in such a way as to be understood by the other participants of the Forum. Avoid specific terms and acronyms known to small circle of persons or invented you personally that are different from generally accepted terminology.
4.7.4. Try to put in your question all important information. If this is an error, put the error description, a screenshot etc.. If it is about technical characteristics (chipset, memory, etc.). also put them into your post. Don't expect users to search for a Forum/online for you.
4.7.5. If you already have answered your question, think is it worth it to post again, will this be a complement to your existing response or simply it will be redundant in other words.
4.7.6. If question can be answered by the manual for your player or official support forum, please go there. Use Google, not on the Forum directly. There you will find answers much faster. Communicating on this forum implies a certain knowledge of the user. Do not write questions like: "What the admin password on my player xxx?", "where can I download of. the firmware of the player xxx? "," what is FTP? "etc.
4.8. It is prohibited to demonstrate any explicit and hidden rudeness or insults.
4.9. It is prohibited to use foul language, as an explicit and hidden, including with special characters.
4.10.1 Do not provoke a conflict, or respond to the provocation.
4.10.2 Messages with revolutionary character or about international and ethnic conflicts are prohibited, as well as incitement to violence and violation of the law (in any language and in any form).
If you believe that you have insulted (otherwise violated your rights or forum rules) notify that fact to the moderator. It will take the necessary measures to the offender.
4.11. In the title of the theme and messages is prohibited:
4.11.1 An intentional distortion of language (including spelling, syntax, and punctuation).
4.11.2. Replacement of Russian letters similar in other languages, and vice versa;
4.11.3. Writing topics and posts in ALL CAPS;
4.11.4. Writing messages in uppercase and lowercase letters mixed up («iN THaT WaY») or letters of different alphabets («in тнaт wау»);
4.11.5. Writing messages using a red font color (red is the color of Administration), as well as abuse of colors in general (use more than three colors in one message, including black).
4.11.6. When publishing images on the Forum, it is not necessary to post images, captured by modern cameras, without a substantial reduction. Do not forget that many people are using mobile devices, so traffic can be significantly higher. If necessary to place the original, large image, place it under the spoiler. Also, try to choose the data format with an acceptable quality gives minimum size. For the screenshots with the text this is a GIF or PNG file. For a colorful images use JPEG. BMP format for screenshots is forbidden! If that does not require a specific theme, respect others and avoid using the .BMP format.
4.11.7. It is prohibited to use slang and abbreviations in the title of the topic. In the title of the topic should use the original name of the program or device. In the future this will facilitate the search by topic.
4.12. Creation of posts or threads, not involving discussion, or where personal correspondence with the Member of the Forum, including announcements of advertising and other measures is prohibited. For personal correspondence, use the private messaging system.
4.13. It is prohibited to upgrade themes. Namely, publishing messages to a rise (bump up) of topics/issues in the list and not bearing semantic loading, for example: "what's new?", "Did no one know?", "when I will answer?", "Ay!", "+1", "Up!", etc.
4.14. Meaningless theme / message subjects are forbidden, for example: "Pamagite!", "I have a problem!" and "cry!" and so on. Also are forbidden personal wishes, for example: "help with network configuration. Urgent!!! ". If participants know the answer to your question, they will answer regardless of your "urgency".
4.15. Messages overloaded with punctuation marks (more than three in a row), for example: "how to configure Wi-Fi??????" are forbidden.
4.16. Responses without text (including smiles / text smiles) and answers composed only or overloaded with smileys (emoticons, more than three in one message) in all sections except section "smoking room" are forbidden.
4.17. Unrelated issues in one topic are forbidden. For example: "help deal with installing firmware xxx in the player? What other firmware are there and what are their advantages? Also do not know how to set the weather, please explain Telnet and where to get YouTube working. "
4.18. No deviation from the topic. For example, in discussion of GlavTV do not discuss other plugins, except for comparing them with GlavTV from a technical point of view. The topic of FW Mede8er discussed only there, and not in the other firmware modules.
4.19. It is Prohibited abuse of citations (over-quote).
4.20. It is strictly forbidden to publish and search "free playlists". There are other resources.
4.21. It is strictly forbidden to discuss the actions of representatives of the administration. If you do not agree with the actions of representatives of the Administration, contact any Moderator of the section in which the incident occurred or to any Super Moderator. Your Complaint will be investigated and if it is justified certain disciplinary measures will be applied to the representative in question.
4.21.1. It is strictly forbidden to use the "Жалоба" button for personal correspondence with the administration of a forum or to deal with personal issues.
4.22. Any material with erotic and pornographic content can be removed from the Forum without notice, at the discretion of, and in accordance with the moral standing of moderators.
4.23. Any publication of personal ads for buying, selling or exchanging devices, accessories and other things is forbidden. Exception is to give some advices in theme "Выбираем плеер" разделе "Курилка" ("Choose the player" under the "Smoking room").
4.24. Publication of links to online shops and other commercial resources is allowed only if a link is designed to help the user with information, but not for the personal benefit of the individuals themselves. Advertising is prohibited in any form.
4.25. The use of special online services to shorten links URL is prohibited.

5. System for penalties
5.1. Penalties are assigned by a Moderator/administrator for non-compliance with the rules of the Forum and/or the additional rules section, as well as on the basis of common sense and experience that go beyond these rules.
5.2. Penalties are:
5.2.1. Warning. It is for non-compliance with the rules of the Forum. A warning is not a punishment itself. It's about an error that you should not repeat it in the future.
5.2.2. "Read Only" or "RO". "Read Only" status is the measure against repeated non-compliance with Forum rules."Read Only" status can be assigned to an user at any time depending on the decision of the moderator. This means that the participant can not leave messages on any Forum section. Most often this status is given to users who do not want to read the FAQ the special theme instructions.
5.2.3. Ban. It is the highest punishment. It is imposed in exceptional cases, and is a result of repeated or gross violation of the forum rules intentionally.
5.2.4. Deleting of an account. A measure used in very exceptional cases, and is a result of repeated or gross violation of the forum rules and reluctance of the user to resolve the conflict.
5.3. Warnings removal.
5.3.1. Warnings are removed by the moderators of the section in which the punished or Supermoderators, only by user request but no earlier than 30 days after the end of the last sentence.
5.3.2. Warnings are removed by not more than one per month. In the event of prolonged absence of violations (over 6 months), the number of alerts can be lowered by more than one.
5.3.3. To reduce the level of warnings is needed a strict adherence to the rules of the Forum.
5.3.4. In the case of repeated violation of the rules following the decline, you may be refused further reducing levels of warnings.
5.3.5. "Read Only" Status may be prematurely removed by the administrator.
5.3.6. Locking a user account (ban) and "Read Only" are made only once by a Moderator/Administrator; it not subject to appeal.
5.4. In case of any situation not falling into any of the rules, the Administration has the right to act at their own discretion.
5.5. If you do not agree with the penalty, you can challenge it by applying to any Supermoderator or administrator.
5.6. The decision on punishment is taken by the administrator of the Forum and it is final.
5.7. Creating of duplicate accounts is prohibited. Clones of users, particularly those applied any sanctions will be removed without warning.

6. Modification of the Forum rules
6.1. The moServices Forum reserves the rights, at any time in its sole discretion, to change (add, modify, and cancel) rules without prior notice to users, as well as to cancel the rules in full.
6.2. These changes will be effective immediately after their publication.
6.3. All forum members are responsible to monitor the changes in the rules. Ignorance of the rules does not exempt the participants from liability for their violation.

7. Compliance with Forum rules
7.1. Your participation to moServices forum means that you accept the rules.
7.2. If you disagree with the above rules do not use/visit the moServices forum .

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