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PostPosted: 22 May 2016, 07:44
by Cellimath
I am new here. I would like to thank everyone here for providing such a wonderful package "moServices".
I have my Asus O!play air with the official firmware 1.29N and installed mos3 in my player.
I only add two modules in my player: youtube and playlink.
The youtube works smoothly in my o!play, but playlink doesn't work.
(I even download the latest playlink app.)
After I click playlink in O!play, it keeps saying "waiting link".
Which module do I need to solve this problem?

Re: Playlink

PostPosted: 22 May 2016, 11:28
by FarVoice
If it write "waiting link", it waiting :) Send the link by playlink form through web interface ( http://player_ip/?page=playlink_form ) or android app.

Re: Playlink

PostPosted: 22 May 2016, 13:41
by Cellimath
(cut) overquoting! Forum rules 4.19!

Thanks for the reply. I did send the youtube link both through the web interface and the playlink app, but neither one did work.
For example, I send the link to playlink. My player's /tmp/playlink.txt writes ... quality=hi
At the same time when I check my player's playlink it says "waiting link...", but at the bottom of the page, it did shows the link ... quality=hi
However, there is no video showing up. Just "waiting link..."

By the way, the web interface of playlink in my IE browser's address is "http://player_ip/?page=playlink" not "http://player_ip/?page=playlink_form" is it right?

Re: Playlink

PostPosted: 22 May 2016, 13:50
by Pokrass
First of all viewtopic.php?f=30&t=1037!

I tried your link and playlink plays it well.
If you use old firmware - any module can work incorrect. So in first read FAQ and install actual firmware and GUI and update all modules.

http://player_ip/?page=playlink and http://player_ip/?page=playlink_form is different links. With frame and without it.